According to one website, it does.


"Size matters" is something that guys believe pretty much instantly. After hearing it from TV, the internet, or hearing gossip from our friends, it's all about possessing the biggest equipment for the job. If I'm being too subtle, I'm talking about penis size. And according to one website, the guy with the largest penis in the world is right here in Evansville.

According to the website County Weekly, the largest penis belongs to a guy named Mark in Evansville. Mark apparently measures in at over 19 inches, dethroning the former champion. Before you start seeking Mark out to either marvel at his member or try to date him, you'll want to pump the brakes. This site is completely fake, set to lure people in by making the headlines that appeal to specific geographical locations. For instance, Mark also has the largest penis in Chula Vista, CA, Clarksburg, WV, and Elyria, OH. It appears the Mark is having to relocate a lot after the press runs the exact same story about his downstairs monster.

However, Evansville having the biggest dong champion is preferable to the unfortunate (fake) story out of Owensboro.

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