My occupation is cashier at a grocery store meaning I get to scan items that people buy obviously. Well I'm here to talk about that today the good and the bad of having this job. I'm feeling positive so I'll start with the pros.

For one it is not hard work. The most you ever lift is 20lbs and you don't move around at all. So there you can't complain that the work is hard. Another pro is that you literally are waiting to work. If no one is coming to your lane for check out there isn't a whole lot you can do while waiting for another customer. You can clean your belt or assist with bagging but if there are enough baggers then you can't even do that.

Like all jobs there is good but also there is bad. The worst part about being cashier is you have to deal with every customer. You are the last part of their experience so you set the impression they leave with for the store. Also they could be in a really good or bad mood because of something they experienced during shopping. One thing I hate the most is customers in a bad mood.

Waiting for work is a double edged sword and it depends on what kind of day the worker is having, which edge is cutting. Yes it is nice to have a break from work when no one is checking out but if the shift is long or slow, or just you don't to be there than standing around and not working can get quite boring.

The pay isn't great either but these are really the major pros and cons about working at a grocery store.

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