Choosing the perfect baby name can be challenging. A woman on Reddit is stressed out about what to name her daughter, so she's considering naming the baby after herself.

She explained her loved ones have shot down all the names she has come up with so far, so the soon-to-be-mom is thinking of naming the baby after herself, Kayla. However, she fears people might think it's odd.

"I've been thinking way too hard on baby names and I've figured if everyone hates every name I suggest or even make up myself then I might as well just go with [my] name, right?" she wrote via Reddit.

The woman noted men name their sons after themselves all the time, so she should be able to do the same.

However, she added she's worried it might be "weird" to have another Kayla in the house.

"Someone please help me out before the stress makes me pop out an eye or something," she concluded.

Users in the comments tried to reason with the woman, suggesting she take some time to think about it so she doesn't come off as "egotistical."

"While I think it’s the very epitome of egotistical women do do it. Mary Shelley [novelist] had the same name as her mother. I’ve seen some others. Maybe name a kid the original name your name 'Kayla' came from —  Michaela. You’d be naming it after yourself but not having the same name," one person wrote.

"Not weird. As you say, men do it all the time. Is it egotistical? Absolutely. I would never do it," someone else commented.

"Choosing a name for your baby that honors you is not weird at all. But I wouldn't give your first name to your baby as her first name. Men do it all the time, but I judge them each and every time," someone else weighed in.

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