Doug Ramsey, the COO of plant-based meat company Beyond Meat, had some major beef with another man in an Arkansas parking garage.

So much so that he apparently bit his nose and punched through a windshield.

Washington County Arkansas Police Department
Washington County Arkansas Police Department

The incident followed a college football game in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

When a Subaru allegedly "inched his way" in front of Ramsey's car while exiting the parking garage, it made contact with the front passenger tire of Ramsey's car.

Ramsey then proceeded to punch through the Subaru's back windshield.

When the owner of the car exited his vehicle to confront Ramsey, the COO apparently began punching the man and also bit his nose.

The bite was described as "ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose" by KNWA/Fox 24, who first reported the incident.

A witness and a victim also noted that Ramsey told the victim he would kill him.

KTLA also reported that “two males with bloody faces” were found at the scene by the responding officer.

The altercation took place near the stadium used for University of Arkansas games, but campus police declined to comment to CNBC.

Ramsey spent three decades at Tyson Foods overseeing the poultry department (which is responsible for chicken nuggets including the infamous McDonald's nuggets, which some may say are already beyond meat) before moving to Beyond Meat.

Ramsey is being charged with terroristic threatening and third-degree battery.

He was booked into the Washington County, Arkansas jail on Saturday evening but was released on Sunday on an over $10,000 bond.

The irony of the situation has not been lost on the internet.

"The Beyond Meat COO was arrested for biting a man’s nose. Once again proving you just can’t beat the real thing," one person tweeted.

Another person said, "Even Beyond Meat executives want the real thing now."

"The irony is palpable," another person quipped.

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