As much as I wish this were a joke, this headline is indeed very real. I wish it would have been more dramatic though like, "Woman Tosses Coins Into Plane's Engine Instead of Wishing Well and Almost Kills Everyone On Board." Let me explain.

A flight was delayed by almost 5 hours leaving from China because an 80-year-old woman threw coins into one of the plane engines. At first, it was unknown as to why she did this, but it was later reported that the woman threw the coins into the engine for good luck. A passenger witnessed the woman throwing the coins into the engine and that's when the proper authorities were notified. At which point, the engine was searched and one of the coins was in fact lodged inside of the plane engine, causing a five-hour flight delay.

Normally this isn't something I would write about but I have a few questions that I'd like answered as well as many of you would. Firstly, how is an 80-year-old woman strong enough to throw a handful of coins into a plane engine and actually get one stuck inside?! Is she a bodybuilder? Does she take a whole bottle of vitamins a day? Seriously! Whatever she's doing clearly proves to me that I need to up my game.

Secondly, doesn't throwing a handful of metal into a plane engine sort of negate your reasoning for doing it for good luck? Like a lady, your luck was fine before you threw the coins in. Flying is the safest mode of travel in the world until some superstitious old lady comes along and throws metal money into the engine! That's what they call impending mechanical engine failure. PSA to future airline passengers: You cannot throw money or anything for that matter, at or into an airplane engine!

Thirdly, how is this possible? What would have happened if another boarding passenger wouldn't have reported it? There was a coin found stuck in the engine! Would the engine have failed or blown up? Would the plane have crashed? Does the airport not have surveillance? So many questions, so little answers.

This is such a "what the heck" story! I'm just thankful someone reported it and they got the coin out of the engine. You know, so everyone didn't blow up or anything awful.

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