She charged each bridesmaid for a single slice of melon.

Bachelorette party expenses typically consist of booze and strippers, but one bride took it upon herself to tally up the total cost of said items and send her bridal party an invoice after the fact.

We first saw the story on Reddit, where one of the bridesmaids posted a picture of her invoice for "Sarah's Bachelorette Party."

The "bill" was broken down to the cents. The itemized list of expenses included things like pizza, which came out to $11.74 per person. It even went as far as breaking down the cost of a single melon, which when divded into seven slices for each guest came out to .36 cents per person.

But oh no, it doesn't stop there.

Snacks and beverages like popcorn, cotton candy, cupcakes, and lemonade were included as well. $5 decorative plates were also included, along with a pool tutu and a $7.67 "kiss frame" for photo ops.

Overall, the bride charged each of the seven bridesmaids were charged $23.81.

The post went viral within days of being posted on Reddit, with a majority of users being in total disbelief.

What's your opinion on the situation?


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