The internet can be an unforgiving place...

Animapalooza Yard Sale
Photo: Lisa Ellsworth

Last night, someone needed help removing themselves from the Evansville Buy Sale Trade Facebook group. They made this post to let everyone know this:

garage 4

It was an innocent post to say the least. However, the internet uses any opportunity to make jokes and this left the door wide open.

While some people offered her advice (or removed her), others started inquiring about what they were selling:

garage 2

Unfortunately for this user, Facebook has predetermined messages that you can type automatically when someone is interested. That made it even easier to troll.

Garage 1

Finally, one person asked the question we all needed to know - which was is this a couch?

garage 3

Some people did come to break-up the good-natured teasing with comments like "WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR GRANDMOTHER?! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?" Actually, I feel pretty bad because you just reminded me that my grandparents have been dead for almost 20 years.

And besides, it's not like the person saw any of this light-teasing; they were asked to be removed after all!


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