Let your voice be heard that Evansville will stay committed to a diverse nation!

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This Friday, we are swearing a new President of the United States. Many people, including myself, are very nervous about what this means for our nation given some of the more inflammatory comments that have been made post-election. If you are one of those people, you can let your voice be heard at the "With Liberty and Justice for All" Community Rally.

This isn't as much as a protest march as it is a time to educate ourselves on how we can strive to keep our city, and our nation, diverse and inclusive. The rally will begin at the Four Freedoms Monument on the riverfront at 3pm, with a march to Central Library starting at 4pm.

(Townsquare Media)
(Townsquare Media)

According the the official event page:

The rally will also feature several talks and speeches on various subjects on diversity. Sharing their thoughts on diversity, equity and inclusion at the rally will be Gary May of Veterans for Peace, LaNeeca Williams, diversity and equity officer at University of Evansville, Maura Robinson, diversity and inclusion expert and author of "The Inclusion Revolution is Now," Skylar Julian of Tri-State Alliance, and others. Ange Humphrey, television personality and pastor of Fresh Air Community of Faith, will be master of ceremonies. Stephanie Terry, county councilwoman, will sing "America the Beautiful," William Hemminger will read a poem written for the occasion, and Alan Williamson will lead the march to Central Library in song.

The fair at the library will feature tables from such organizations such as Women In Faith, NAACP Evansville Branch, Diversity and Inclusion Institute for Change, Map Evansville, Tri-State Alliance, Southwest Indiana Network - Sierra Club, Beyond Coal to Clean Energy Campaign, Uniting Evansville, and many more.

This event is free to the public and everyone is encouraged to come out and support! You can get more information here.

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