It is always exciting when a WWE show comes to town - I would encourage everyone to see a show if you get the chance - but there is just something extra special about Monday Night Raw. I mean, regardless of how the WWE, and professional wrestling in general, has changed over the years, the one thing fans can depend on is Monday Night Raw. And it's been five years since Monday Night Raw has been in Evansville, so you know the fans are ready for this.

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WWE Raw Returns to Evansville

There are a couple of dates you need to circle on your calendar. Let's start with Monday, May 23rd - that's the day the WWE invades the Ford Center in downtown Evansville. The next date to remember is Friday, March 18th - that's the day tickets go on sale. You'll be able to get them at the Ford Center box office, or online at One other option for procuring tickets is to win some from KISS 106. Keep reading to find out how.


How to Win Monday Night Raw Tickets

We're playing a game called "Right or Rawng." In order to play, there are two (possibly three) things you'll need to do.

  1. First, you gotta listen to KISS 106 each day, where you'll hear us give out the "Right or Rawng" fact of the day.
  2. Second, you'll need to send us an AppChat message through the KISS 106 app and tell us if that day's fact is "Right or Rawng." We will randomly select a winner from each day's correct answers.
  3. The "possibly third" you'll need to do is download the KISS 106 app, if you don't already have it. You can get it here.

Wrestling Matches That Could Win A Gold Medal If Professional Wresting Were An Olympic Sport

I belelive that these are some of the best matches of all time. No gimmicks, just a good old fashioned match that told a great story and left the crowd in awe of what they just witnessed.

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