If you have ever been to a concert ask yourself what was it about the concert that you liked? Was it just because you enjoyed the band? Was it the fun you had in the crowd? Think about it.

Now imagine the things you liked about the concert you attended being multiplied by 10 a day. This is what music festivals are like. If you enjoy being in a crowd and like live music you should go to a festival. It is a very different experience than one show for a few hours. You get parked next to strangers and have a campsite the size of your car. This may not sound that appealing but if you are neighborly, this is well worth it.

I went to Bonnaroo in 2014, this was the first music festival I attended and I rate it as one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was almost like I was in this bubble that made me feel safe and freer than I ever have been. There are many reasons why. To start it is very adventurous to wander the campground part. You meet interesting people and have random, weird, and cool experiences. I did just that and found myself in the largest flip cup game I have ever played. Each moment feels much different than the last.

Once you get into Centeroo, the place with the stages it gets even more fun. Everyone is such a free spirit and nice that even if you don't like crowds you will still be at ease. Also since these festivals are contained in a space a lot of things that aren't normally allowed in regular society are allowed here, I won't bore you with the details. This gives it that free feeling in a free country. People dress in costumes, throw around inflatable objects, and the bands are more engaged with the crowd than they normally are.

It's basically like one giant party with live music and the cops aren't going to break it up. This is just how Bonnaroo was each festival is different. You have burning man out in the desert where they light a giant wooden man on fire, and the electric light forest which is pretty self explanatory. Each is a different experience but the parts above are shared among them all. If you have never attend one save some money and go to one. You won't regret it.


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