Thanks to a neat little Google trick I learned today, if I were to believe in reincarnation, and that everything I see on the internet is true, in my "previous life", I was Canadian citizen, Mathew Charles Lamb. A man who spent time in prison for killing two random strangers and wounding two other in 1966. Not exactly what I was hoping for.

Here's how this trick works, type the word, "died" into Google followed by your birthday in the order of day, month, year, and press 'Enter'.

Google Previous Life Trick

The first Wikipedia article that pops up is supposedly you in a former life. I guess the thought behind this whole reincarnation theory is that since that person died on the day you were born, their aura or whatever transferred itself to a new host, and that host would be you.

Even if that were true (and it's not), at least my guy, Matthew Lamb did somewhat redeem himself after his short killing spree. As the article reads, Lamb came from a rough upbringing, causing him to have violent tendencies. The first of which was the assault of a police officer when he was 16, followed by a shoot out with authorities less than a year later which landed him in jail for 14 months. The two murders took place a mere 17 days after his release from jail when he stole a shotgun from an uncle's house and decided to go on a shooting spree around the neighborhood.

Canadian law at the time called for a mandatory death penalty whenever someone was charged with "capital murder," however Lamb was considered insane at the time of the shootings and was instead committed to a psychiatric clinic for six years where he made a remarkable recovery. Released to the care of one of the facilities doctors, Elliot Barker, Lamb lived and worked on Baker's farm for some time before the good doctor encouraged him to join the Rhodesian Army (present day Zimbabwe) in 1973. Lamb met his fate on my birthday while in the army after shot by friendly fire from one of his fellow soldiers.

You can read all about Lamb's life on Wikipedia.

If you're bored, give this little novelty trick a try, and let me know who you were in a previous life in the comments below.

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