If you read the headline and your thoughts were "that's exactly what I was thinking!" Then this is for you! I saw all over Facebook people talking about some guy named Manti Te'o and I was confused I had no idea who he was. Thanks to this helpful Taiwanese animation, my eyes have been opened, and I'm no longer in the dark.

I kept finding these lengthy articles and nothing would just straight up answer my question to the point.  Turns out he is a linebacker for Notre Dame, and had a pretty upsetting story. His grandma and his girlfriend died on the same day.  However there is a catch, his girlfriend was an online girlfriend who he never met.  It's being said that he might have been Catfished! There's also speculation that it's an elaborate hoax.  What do you think?

I will warn you really quick that around 1:30 something weird happens that involves what appears to be leprechauns and a beer bong (you know that funnel with a tube attached to it that you used in college to chug beer)...so you've been warned haha.

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