Billboard is set to honor the late great Whitney Houston at this year's ceremony with a tribute award. Problem is, who's going to accept accept it? According to sources, the producers of the show wanted Bobbi Kristina to accept the award, but Auntie Pat ain't having THAT!

Pat Houston, Whitney's sister-in-law is insisting that SHE be allowed to accept the award considering all the confusion and surrounding BK and her fiance/adoptive-brother. I personally didn't even know Whitney HAD a sister in law, let alone one well known enough to accept an award on her behalf. Besides, I think BK brings added drama to show, and what awards show couldn't use more DRAMA?!?!

What do you think? Who should accept the award for Whitney - Bobbi Kristina or Pat?

Cast your vote in the Poll and I'll read the result during the next show!

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