Now that the great mystery of who bit Beyoncé has officially been solved, the internet has found its next big case to crack: Who is Demi Lovato shading on Twitter?

In the wee hours of Friday morning (July 6), Lovato took to her timeline to casually end an anonymous hater with one single, savage line. "Good luck on your blog," she wrote plainly, leaving many a mouth agape as fans scrambled to piece together who she'd just metaphorically cut.

In the hours since, several theories have been offered: Lovato has, in the past, feuded with everyone from Perez Hilton to Taylor Swift, so the list of potential culprits is long. But the most likely victim seems to be Mike Bayer, a life coach and Dr. Phil contributor who is also Lovato's former sober coach. He previously appeared in her 2017 documentary, Simply Complicated, to discuss guiding her through her ongoing battle with addiction.

Apparently, though, a rift has emerged between the two. Lovato admitted in surprise single "Sober," released in June, that she'd relapsed after six years of sobriety. Then on Thursday, mere hours before Lovato's tweet, Bayer posted an Instagram video preaching about the use of the word "artist" as an excuse for bad behavior.

"I worked in entertainment for many years being a life coach for a lot of different pop stars and actors, and my biggest pet peeve is when they use excuses because they call themselves 'artists'," he says in the clip. "I’m here today to explain to you that being an artist and being talented are two different things ... I think if somebody uses it as an excuse to be late, or insincere, or rude, or unapologetic, that’s not being an artist, that’s being a jerk. And you shouldn’t stand for that.”

Lovatics have now pointed to the video as evidence of a falling out, as well as an earlier tweet from Lovato posted in June. When asked by a fan what the biggest lesson she'd learned this year was, she wrote, "You can’t always trust people who you once thought saved you." She and Bayer also no longer follow each other on social media.

Of course, it's entirely possible that Lovato isn't tweeting about Bayer at all and instead some fortunate soul her followers have yet to track down, but for now, Bayer is getting the full brunt of the Lovatics' wrath.

In the meantime, here's a live look at Demi:

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