If your partner is your king/queen, have Valentine's Day at a (White) Castle!

White Castle
White Castle

Yesterday, I drove by the White Castle off of Morgan Ave and saw their sign that said "Now taking Valentine's Day reservations!" I was definitely intrigued by this. What exactly does a Valentine's Day dinner at White Castle entail? After doing some internet digging, I found some answers.

During the Valentine's Day dinner at White Castle, you get waited on and they have candles lit to set the mood.They also decorate the tables. While people may poke fun at White Castle having a Valentine's Day dinner, it is kind of adorable. Oh, White Castle also offers a slightly varied menu on V-Day in order to mix things up. However, you are craving some sliders or chicken rings, those are still available.

If you want to make reservations, you might want to hurry, as seating is limited. You can call to make a reservation at (812) 474-9901. Happy Valentine's Day!

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