Is your tree still up?

Carson Ganci

This is a debate I seem to have every year. I always argue that people put up their trees way too early (looking at you, before Thanksgiving crowd) and then get into another debate about when it's acceptable to take your tree down.

For me, I've always been a after-New-Years-Day-tree-take-down guy. I like the extra ambience that the tree gives the room that it is in. Even though Christmas isn't my favorite holiday, I do enjoy getting together with friends and family and enjoy what a Christmas tree represents. In other words, it's just a nice decoration to have a few extra days.

I have seen some people who have already taken down their tree. The clock stuck midnight on Dec. 26th and people were already packing away their trees. Who hurt you? Did you not get that one item you wanted and that lead you to putting away an reminder of the cursed holiday? Then again, I do have to respect the strength to put away your Christmas stuff the day after the holiday and not hang on to any feelings of joy.

However, we can all agree that the proper time to take down a tree is not never take down the tree. I get so uncomfortable seeing a Christmas tree still up in April. I think that person might be getting their church holidays confused if it is still up then.

I think I've come to the conclusion that the proper time to take down a tree is anytime between Dec. 26th and Jan. 3rd. Any later than that and you might actually be a monster.

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