DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Reboots have seriously been making a comeback this year. Some good and some ... eh ... not so ... but this new version of the 1980's classic TV show LOST IN SPACE is definitely on the GOOD side! Even with a few tweeks and changes from the original storyline, this new Lost in Space appeals to fans and 1st timers alike.

The old LOS featured the Robinson family as a group of scientists selected for a long term space exploration mission. There was the Father (Astronaut), Mother (Physicist), two daughters, and the young genius son.

Along for the ride was the Co-Pilot Don, the whining, ambiguously evil Dr. Zachary Smith, and the ROBOT. After they go off course, they go on great adventures on distant planets trying to find their way home in the Jupiter 2 spacecraft.

This new reboot features the Robinson family as one of MANY families and others selected to man a space station orbiting earth. When the station experiences an catastrophic space event that destroys the station and transports those that manage to make it to the escape pods to a distant, desolate, frozen planet.

They decided to make Dr. Smith a devious woman in this new version who impersonates an injured doctor and takes his coat in order to steal an escape pod. When Will Robinson finds ROBOT, he think it is an alien robot that just so happens to have crashed on the same planet...but they soon discover otherwise.

So if remember the old Lost in Space of if you just like space adventure stories, trying binge watching the new NETFLIX Original Series Reboot of LOST IN SPACE!

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