Life for most of us has changed drastically over the last couple weeks as COVID-19 has swept the nation and surrounding world. 

Although it's hard to imagine at the moment, eventually this will all be behind us, though researchers and officials have admitted that won't be anytime soon. However, even after COVID-19 slows its course, everyday life will forever be altered by its impact.

For example, mandatory school closures has been discussed. Officials have been debating whether to have kids go two months on, one month off, to keep illnesses down. Gyms and fitness centers are considering selling home equipment and suggesting more online classes.

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But what about movie theaters? Well, they're considering taking out half the seats. Same thing for concerts and festivals. It's possible it all might go to streaming soon.

The biggest change though might be going to bars and nightclubs. It's very possible that now along with your photo ID, bouncers might need to see proof of immunity as well. Immunity would mean that you have proof you've already contracted the virus and healed, or you've received the vaccine. A vaccine to treat COVID-19 is in the works, but scientists predict it will take at least 18 months to perfect.

And that's still not all the changes we might be anticipating. Listen to the full story:

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