Still think Heidi Klum is beautiful on the inside? While the Halloween crazy celebrity  stole the show this year with her "revealing" costume, she wasn't the only celebrity who was out in costume for the big day.In fact The Washington Post showed a lot of celebrities who caught the Halloween spirit!

Kim Kardashian went as the famous Batman villain Poison Ivy, which isn't surprising considering they both go through men pretty easy.

Snooki went as a leopard to match her tan...still think the tans a little darker though.


Katy Perry went with a simple face makeup skull, but what are you gonna do when you've exhausted every fairy costume on the market in your music videos?


Lea Michelle of Glee decided to be the White Swan, which I think defeats the purpose of Halloween.


If you thought this was Jennifer Lopez, then Nicole Richie fooled you too! Seriously though I wonder if she just did it so she could get into clubs she wouldn't normally be allowed in.

So who was the best? Worst? Comment below!