I've never been a 'scary-movie' kinda guy but I've seen a few through my fingers over the years and I've got to say the SCARIEST movie I've ever seen has got to be FRIDAY the 13th Part 1! The movie made it hard for me to sleep without a nightlight of some kind for a looooonnng long time!

One of the most vivid scenes that I remember to this day is when the teen couple were in the cabin and were preparing for some intimate relations when all of a sudden, the girl laying on the bed was suddenly IMPALED from under the bed with a fire place poker! After seeing that at such a young age, I had to check under my bed before I laid down every night!

The fact that Jason never spoke a WORD, and never RAN anywhere only added to the mystery and self-imposed fear! You couldn't outrun him and you couldn't hear him coming! Victims would just turn around and Jason was THERE! Characters like Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, and other corny, one-liner killers weren't as intimidating to me because they always had a weakness to exploit ... NOT JASON! He can't be killed and he just keep on coming!

What's the SCARIEST MOVIE you've ever seen? Comment Below and I'll read the results during next weeks show!

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