Earlier this week, the website Thrillist released a list of what they considered to be the best dive bar in all 50 states.  Even though I assumed that Thrillist wouldn't consider Indiana's best dive bar to be here in Evansville, I decided to open it anyway and check it out.


I was right.  Thrillist considered Indiana's best dive bar to be The Dugout in Indianapolis.  But it did get me thinking...  What IS the Tri-State's favorite dive bar?  I'll be honest, as a 34-year old guy who's in a relationship and wakes up ridiculously early every morning, my bar-frequenting days are largely behind me, so I'm certainly NOT the authority in this field, but I definitely want to know from YOU!  What is the best dive bar in the Tri-Sate?  Submit your answer in the poll below!


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