There's a Facebook post being shared saying 4 men were arrested for duck hunting at the State Hospital park!

rubber river duck
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Last night, a post on the Tri-State Beet was shared claiming that 4 men had been arrested in connection with duck hunting on the grounds of the Evansville State Hospital. The post claims the following:

After neighbors reported hearing gunshots near the State Hospital, four men were charged with the illegal slaughter of 55 ducks at the State Hospital Park after conservation officers caught them in the act.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says the ducks were killed between 6:00am and 9:30 a.m. February 27th on the largest pond near Lincoln Avenue. Conservation officers say they found four men who had been using bread to draw the ducks in before the massacre began.

Alright, that sounds a bit odd. Surely if someone had been hunting ducks, we would have heard about it? I doubt the Evansville State Hospital wants to be involved in some duck murder cover-up. The article then goes on to claim that the duck hunters were fine with "thinning the herd" since the State Hospital has so many ducks. It then claims they were arrested because you can't just go on park grounds and start playing Call of Duty on some ducks.

If you believed any of this to be true, congrats! You've been duped! The Tri-State Beet is a "satire" Facebook page that shares fake news that gets shared and then people start to believe. The problem with the Tri-State Beet is that 1) It's not really satire and 2) It's not even good. Instead of satirizing things in our town, they just end up making up really s***ty lies that get shared.

In short, no, 4 people weren't arrested for duck hunting at the State Hospital. I even called my dad (who works there) and asked if there was close to this happening. His response was simply "That's stupid. Who'd believe that?" If you believed this story to be true without first investigating the source, you have now joined me in the ranks of people who have disappointed my father!

You can check out the original s***post below:

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