Figuring out a Rubik's Cube is an accomplishment unto itself. Doing it in the time it takes to read this sentence is just astounding.

Feliks Zemdegs, a 19-year-old teen from Australia, solved a traditional Rubik's Cube in 5.695 seconds last weekend at the Rubik’s Cube World Championships in Brazil.

Zemdegs, who goes first in the below video, is so good that the other contestants who polish off the cube in seven seconds seem like amateurs, don't they?

Zemdegs won the contest in 2014, as well, but he's still in the shadow of Collin Burns, who owns the world record for quickest time to solve a Rubik's Cube.

Maybe Zemdegs should look into finding new and creative ways to figure out the popular toy.

Check out Zemdegs and some of the other wizards of the cube at the championships below:

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