The chaperones and students from Cops Connecting With Kids recently returned from their annual trip to Walt Disney World. It is, without a doubt, a life-changing experience for these deserving middle school students, most us which have never been on a plane or even out of the state. The trip also has a huge impact on the ‘big’ kids – the cops, educators, and volunteers who go along for the ride. Luckily, we happen to know one of those chaperones and a couple of those students.

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Our friend Taylor Merriss, who is the Special Projects Coordinator for the Evansville Police Department, made her first trip as a Disney chaperone this year. She came by the studio for her weekly visit and she brought two of her new best friends, Ka’Liyah and Cymone, with her. So, this week’s edition of You Down With EPD? Is all about the mouse. We wanted to hear about it all – the plane ride, the hotel room, the food, the rides, the friendships – all of it. Well, ask and you shall receive. These ladies – all three of them – couldn’t stop smiling while sharing all of their great memories.

I'd be willing to bet that wherever Ka’Liyah and Cymone are right now, they're still talking about the trip, and probably will be for a long time. How can it NOT make your heart happy to see the joy on their faces, especially when you consider how hard they worked to EARN their spot on the Cops Connecting With Kids trip.

I can’t finish this article without giving you the chance to read an amazing letter that Ka’Liyah shared on Facebook - please do yourself a favor and read it below.

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