Zip lining has become increasingly popular over the years, and the crew at Lark Valley Zip Lines just outside of French Lick, Indiana were nice enough to let me give their lines a try.

Up until the moment I stepped off the first platform to zip through the trees of the Hoosier National Forest, I had never been zip lining. I had seen it in other cities while on vacation and thought it looked like fun, but being someone who doesn't care much for high places, the idea seemed a little nerve-wracking.

With that said, I'm OK with heights if I feel like I'm secure and there's no chance of plummeting to my death. I somehow managed to convince myself that zip lining was safe enough, and away I went.

That doesn't mean I wasn't nervous as I stood on the first platform and looked across the small valley I would soon be dangling over at a decent rate of speed, but I managed to keep those nerves in check knowing that thousands of people had done this before me without incident.

Here's a few highlights of the trip where I was accompanied by our Digitial Managing Editor, Ashley.

For more info on planning your own trip to Lark Valley, check out their website.

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