During our weekly trip around the city, we stumbled upon Sonic. Turns out, it was 50 cent corndog day. 

I've been teasing Rob for some time about his obsession with Sonic corndogs. In Rob's defense, he really only eats at Sonic when it's 50 cent corndog day. Well, yesterday it happened to be that very day and I had to tag along to see if Rob could really measure up to the bar he has set for himself.

I first learned about the impressive amount of corndogs Rob can eat during an on-air topic. I think Ron Rhodes brought up lunch for some reason, and Rob said he had eaten at Sonic the previous day. Nothing out of the ordinary....until he revealed how many corndogs he had eaten. I could hardly comprehend his answer.



I honestly thought he was bluffing. Actually, I still thought he was a little full of it, which is why I went with him yesterday when 50 cent corndog day rolled back around.

Let's just say Rob definitely lived up to his reputation. Watch for yourself:

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