Did you know that April 24th is officially New Kids on the Block Day? It also happens to be the day that we learned about NKOTB's new song and video. The new project takes care of a couple things on the quarantine checklist. First, it allows the New Kids interact/collaborate with some famous friends, and puts their creative juices to good work. Second, and WAY more importantly, this collaboration will help raise a bunch of money for a good cause.

The song is called "House Party," and it speaks directly to the situation so many people find themselves in - being stuck in their house. It reminds us to stay home, stay safe and to throw a house party wherever you are. The New Kids called on a long list of celebrity friends to help drive the point home. The super fun video includes cameos from Boyz II Men, Naughty By Nature, Jordin Sparks, Mark Wahlberg, Carrie Underwood, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Derek Hough and someone named Big Freedia, who I've never heard of. And no song/video/whatever that mentions a "House Party" would be complete without an appearance from one of my favorite duos from back in the day - Kid 'N Play - who brought a hilarious House Party to the bring screen in 1990 (I can still quote most of it to this day).

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Of course the New Kids themselves, mainly Donnie, Joey and Jordan, are scattered throughout the video, and you get to see Danny a few times too. But what about Jonathan? You'll have to watch till the very end to realize that "the shy one" wasn't left out of the fun. He's there, just hangin' tough with some chickens apparently.

While it is definitely a good time, it is also meant to raise money for a great cause - NO KID HUNGRY. Any money raised from the purchase of the song or any official NKOTB House Party apparel will go help feeding kids across the country.


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