I walked out my door over the weekend and spotted a squirrel doing the STRANGEST thing. Take a look!

It's probably because my house sits under a giant acorn tree, but both squirrels and rabbits seem to LOVE my yard. Sometimes I even feel under attack by all the furry friends gallivanting through my property, but I've learned to expect it by now.

I've seen a bunny fist-fight, among other bizarre things go down at my house...but never something this strange.

Behold...a sunbathin' squirrel.

At first I thought the poor little guy was injured, but turns out he was just sunbathing. He seemed very relaxed on the roof of my garage, so I didn't bother him. However, I'm glad I was able to snap a quick video before he spotted me and ran off.

Have you ever seen something so bizarre?

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