Last week I asked listeners, "Where is the best place in town to get your eyebrows done? 

As someone who has never had their eyebrows done professionally, I finally decided it was time. I love watching make up tutorials and I get so frustrated when I see such nice brows, when mine are terrible. Several listeners steered me to check out Sarah Lutz at Browtique, here in town. She took one look at this hot mess and accepted the challenge!

Who knew brows needed a hair cut? I certainly didn't! Brows also grow in an 8 week growth cycle! I obviously didn't know that either. Nonetheless I have beautiful brows thanks to Sarah.

Things took a different turn when I decided to let her wax my nose. Yes, she waxed the INSIDE of my NOSE. Say what?! Yes, it was great. It didn't even hurt! I was scared for nothing. My sister had been telling me to get my nose waxed for years but I was too afraid. However, I have to say, I will be a routine nose waxer (with the help of Sarah of course).

Check out how it all went down! You will definitely get a kick out of it.

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