You could use any number of clichés to describe the demolition of Six Flags Over Texas' Texas Chute Out. All good things must come to an end. What goes up must come down. It's awesome when things go boom (OK, I just made that last one up).

Much like The Voyage or The Raven are viewed as the centerpiece attractions at Holiday World, the Texas Chute Out was the focal point of Six Flags Over Texas since it's construction in 1976. Standing 200-feet into the Arlington, Texas skyline, the ride featured steel cables attached to what appeared to be Ferris Wheel seats with a parachute. The seats were pulled to the top of the ride by the cable then released allowing the riders to experience a controlled free fall, somewhat like Holiday World's Liberty Launch.

While the attraction was must-ride for generations of thrill-seekers, the powers that be decided it had served its purpose and that it was time for a younger, hipper attraction to become the center of attention. That attraction will be the Texas SkyScreamer.


Scheduled to be ready for operation in the spring, the new, swing-style ride will give riders an even better birds-eye view of the surrounding area has it spins them around 400-feet above the ground, twice as high as the Chute Out.

Before crews can start construction of the new ride, they had to get rid of the old one. Using 14 pounds of perfectly placed explosions, demolition crews essentially took the legs out from underneath the Chute Out and let gravity do the rest.