The Rob and Maddie did their montly visit to the Warrick Human Society this morning and fell in love with every animal they got to meet.

First up, there's Pretzel. Pretzel is a super cute and cuddly 7.5 week old kitten who will be available for adoption come Tuesday (when she's officially 8 weeks). She has 2 brothers that are also at the Warrick Humane Society, named Peanut and Popcorn. She'd make a good addition to any home!

Next up is Blue. She's a BLUE-TEE-FUL Blue Pit mix and as you can tell, she recently had puppies! She's so calm and sweet. It's not hard to tell why she's a favorite at the shelter.

And how could we forget Quinn? Our hearts melted when we met her. Quinn is a Golden Retriever mix and she has the perfect level of energy! She loves to play, but is quick to lay down and relax for some belly rubs. 

Up next, Belladonna! She must have two names because she's a whole lot of dog for a little Chihuahua. She's a tad overweight and has a little trouble breathing, but all she needs is the perfect family to help get her back into tip-top shape!

 Last but certainly not least, there's Brisby. Brisby is an adorable (and slightly chunky) calico cat. She took a minute to warm up to us, but once she did, she was purring like a motor. She loves to be petted and loved on. 

All these furry friends and more are looking for a place to call home at the Warrick Humane Society. All animals are up-to-date on all medications and prevention and spayed/neutered. Each of them need a loving home and a big heart to accept them as their own. Visit the Warrick Humane Society today and add a new addition to your family.

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