Meet Petunia, our Warrick Humane Society Pet of the Week!
Petunia is our sweet and friendly Pet of the Week from the Warrick Humane Society. Our Pet of the Week is brought to you by PhoneTodd. While Petunia is overly affectionate and cuddly, she also has another unique quality to her - she only has one eye! However, she still manages to steal your heart when she looks at you.

She will need a little extra care in her future home to help her save her remaining eye. Petunia will need 3 drops in her eye each day, and the medicine will cost about $20 a month. Let's help find this unique girl a good, loving home!

Go see Petunia and all the other adorable cats and dogs up for adoption at the Warrick Humane Society. Every animal deserves a second chance!

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