Take a good, hard look at this picture. This heartbreaking photo is what happens when dogs aren't "useful" to their "owners" anymore. 

Earlier this week, the Warrick Humane Society took in five "retired" breeder dogs. The fact that they're retired at the young age of five is devastating to me. However, in a breeders mindset, they aren't useful anymore. Usually in these situations, the dog has been bred and bred repeatedly its entire life, and now it's not doing its "job" well enough.

So, the solution? Drop them off at a shelter, apparently. This is heartbreaking. Hundreds of dollars are poured into getting a dog just like these. The fancy names and breeds are appealing to people, but they could very well end up in a shelter just like the others.

Maddie West
Maddie West

Dogs are a commitment. They shouldn't be used for jobs. They're helpless animals. And now they're sitting in cages, waiting for a family to finally show them how an animal should be treated.

Regardless of their circumstances, these dogs need a loving home. A home where they can play and nap and live a full, healthy life. That's something they probably haven't gotten to experience just yet.

Go see these adorable pups and all the other loving animals at the Warrick Humane Society today. They're located on Vann Road in Newburgh, about a mile past Castle High School.

Remeber...adopt, don't shop.

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