New county ordinances in Warrick County require all domestic animals kept as pets to have identification.


Microchipping is a great way to ensure that your furbabies are always "carrying their ID" and will get returned to you if they wind up at the pound!  In fact, according to a post from Warrick County Animal Control on Facebook, all impounded animals must have a microchip to be reclaimed!


The good news is this weekend (Saturday October 13th, 2018), the Warrick County Animal Control and Warrick Animal Guardians are hosting a Microchip Clinic to get your pets microchipped at great price, quick and easy!  The event will be at Warrick County Animal Control at 655 Roth Road in Boonville.


If you would like more information about the new Warrick County ordinances or this weekend's Microchip Clinic, you can contact Warrick County Animal Control by calling (812) 897-6107.

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