Sure, H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds got a pretty sleek update with Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise back in 2005, but that was, like … 11 years ago, man. Sexy teens are today, and they need to fight aliens too. Thankfully, MTV has the answer.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, MTV has teamed with Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis (go figure) and writer Andrew Cochran to adapt H.G. Wells’ iconic invasion story for a new generation. Not yet known is exactly how the new series would adapt the 1898 tale, which followed the account of an Englishman and his younger brother as the aliens invade.

Of course, War of the Worlds has been adapted into everything from radio, to movies and countless other formats, the most visibly recent of which came in 2005 with Cruise. That version moved the setting to New Jersey and Boston, starring the likes of Justin Chatwin, Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins and more.

We’ll find out more as MTV continues to develop its own War of the Worlds, but check out that original 2005 trailer below.

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