MTV 'Fear Factor' Reboot Gets a Ludacris First Trailer
It was just over a month ago we learned that MTV wanted to put the Fear Factor in today’s youth with a Ludacris twist, making millennials dunk their cell phones rather than play gross-out games. Now, the first trailer for the youth-oriented revival looks a lot like the old series, because who…
'Daria' 20th Anniversary Releases Updated Cast Drawings
Beavis and Butthead might have gotten a second shot at life on MTV, but in lieu of spinoff Daria ever coming back, co-creator Susie Lewis has the next best thing. See what Daria, Quinn, Jane and Trent all look like in 2017, as the 20th anniversary brings out new designs and a look at their lives.
'Scream' Gets Season 3 Renewal, Halloween Special Trailer
The Scream franchise certainly lost its steam with a third film, so might the MTV series follow suit? After a super-sized Season 2, Scream is officially booked for another stab at Season 3, albeit with less episodes, and another showrunner shift. There’s always the Halloween special, whose tr…
I Want My MTV - The Rob Reviews MTV Classic
I think by now people know I am a lifelong die-hard MTV fan.  As a lover a both music AND television, MTV has always been a channel tailor-made for me even when their programming has NOTHING at all to do with music.  So I was VERY excited to hear that on August 1st of this year that VH1 Classic was …

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