The Rob Reviews the 2015 MTV VMAs
Grammy's be damned, I still consider MTV's Video Music Awards to be the biggest night in music, period.  This year's show had its highlights, lowlights, and water-cooler moments that the annual even is notorious for.
The Rob Reviews The 2015 MTV Movie Awards
Last night, (most of) the stars aligned and converged on the MTV Movie Awards.  Historically, I find MTV's Movie Award Show more in tune with my sensibilities than the more traditional Academy Awards and others of the like.  Did that hold true in this latest iteration?  Watch my …
2014 MTV VMAs - The Rob's Review
No matter what, including the Grammy Awards, I still consider the MTV Video Music Awards to be the biggest night in music.  I've seen all of them since 1993, and last night the 2014 edition took place in L.A.
My Favorite Four Seconds of Teen Mom Ever
On Tuesday, "Teen Mom 2" made its triumphant return to Music Television!  It was on a little late for me on Tuesday, but I was able to watch it on DVR last night.  Early in the season's premiere episode, they were recapping what the girls have been up to since we las…
Billy Ray Cyrus Weighs In On Miley's VMAs Performance
Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' and 'Blurred Lines' medley at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards has been the talk of the town all week, angering the likes of the man who invented the foam finger, parents everywhere and a teddy bear organization -- but not Cyrus' own fat…

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