I dig through the online garage sales so you don't have to!

Oh, Evansville B/S/T, you never disappoint. Let's see what we have this week!


Someone is ungrateful about getting a free boat with their foreclosed house. I'm not a homeowner but I know getting a free boat isn't typically the arrangement. Sure, the boat looks old and rickety but IT'S A FREE BOAT! And yes, maybe capsized in a yard isn't a the best place for a boat, but again, FREE BOAT! I think there is an old phrase that goes "You don't look a gift yard boat in the propeller" (or the boat equivalent of mouth).

Weird: Peeling Couch


Awww yeah, get down and dirty on a couch that has definitely had some down and dirty done on it. The couch actually looks a lot worse than it is. The leather just started peeling and the company didn't stand behind the product. I think it just started peeling, it might actually have couch leprosy but I'm not a doctor. The price of free sounds about right but this couch does have self-esteem issues after being described as "DEFINITELY NOT PRETTY!"

WORST: Super Cool Hacker Guy Doing Illegal Stuff


Ugggh, this has become the new thing on B/S/T groups: People offering to "jailbreak" an Amazon Firestick and letting you watch EVERYTHING ever. Yes, it is possible to do this. Bascially, they install some program that let's you watch everything for free. However, a lot of times, the "jailbreaking" turns into regular "Oh crap, you just broke my $40 Firestick." The issue with this is that everyone thinks they are such a cool hacker for doing this. Also, the guy offering this particular post is trying waaaaay too hard. Electronics degree? You mean you looked up how to do this on the internet. Perhaps you should have placed some more emphasis on spelling and grammar because your post is a hot mess. Firestick Jailbreakers are the lamest pirates in the world. Imagine a Pirates of the Caribbean movie where Jack Sparrow just steals bread from different ports and brags about it. That is what you are doing when you try to "sell" your services of jailbreaking. Stop it.

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