Several weeks ago, the authorities at the Humane Society of Henderson County rescued 14 dogs from horrendous conditions in Spotsville, Kentucky. The woman responsible for those animals is now facing multiple counts of animal cruelty. While the Humane Society is pleased with the progression of this case, they also realize that this is still part of a bigger problem both locally and nationwide, and they plan to keep fighting animal cruelty one case at a time.

Since having made a court appearance this week, the woman responsible has signed over the animals to the shelter. This is great news, because this means that these animals are now up for adoption and that they have the opportunity to be placed in homes where they can thrive and know what it’s like to be loved by a human.

In years past, The Humane Society of Henderson County, was not a no-kill shelter. More recently, with the addition of new staff, including director Josh Cromer, they have taken on a more stringent no-kill policy. The staff and volunteers work very hard night & day caring for these animals, and making every effort to find them good, loving, forever homes. Of course the care of these animals is costly, and the Humane Society thrives on volunteerism and donations.

If you would like to adopt one of the 14 dogs that were rescued from Spotsville, a new kitty for the family, or just make a donation, please contact the Humane Society of Henderson County. You can also find them on Facebook here.

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