Chances are your Labor Day Weekend will include at least one get-together with friends and family filled with grilled food, Cornhole, and a beer or two (or six). In an effort to make sure everyone gets home safely, law enforcement in Vanderburgh County will be setting up sobriety checkpoints throughout the county to make sure people who have had one too many aren't behind the wheel.

Indiana State Police spokesman, Todd Ringle announced the checkpoints on his Facebook page Tuesday morning.

As Ringle notes, locations of the checkpoints will not be revealed in advance since doing so would give people the opportunity to find alternate routes to avoid the checkpoints, therefore defeating the purpose.

If you find yourself a little more tipsy than you expected at any point this weekend, don't talk yourself into believing you can make it home. It's not worth putting other people at risk. Determine a designated driver before the party starts, or call a taxi.

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