Back to school shopping is underway. I know this because my sister has five kids and four of them needed to do back to school shopping this week. She typically has to do one kid per shopping day because it gets chaotic. Don't forget it gets expensive too! That's where she loves to snag some deals.

Who doesn't want to save money on back to school shopping? I feel like you almost spend more money on back to school shopping that Christmas or Black Friday between buying clothes, backpacks, shoes, books, fees, etc. My sister was telling me about some places she can find some great things for my niece who will be in eight grade next year. Then it got me thinking about finding stuff for myself and places I need to check out. Alas, I am here researching consignment shops in the area. I can definitely say, times and appearance has changed in the last 10 years from when I was in high school but for those kids who are into fashion and labels, these are the places to go!

In case you were wondering, we do have a few upscale consignment shops! All name brand, designer items, and much more. I decided to do the leg work for you and list them below.

Camilla's Closet: This is a new consignment shop on Evansville's east side off Vogel (behind Mike's Car Wash). They have a HUGE selection. You should totally take the kids here. From sports wear, to Lilly Pulitzer, to designer bags you will definitely get some staple, quality items for the kids (and yourself)!

Molly's Upscale Consignment Boutique: Can you say Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Chanel? Yes, they have them! Looking for that designer handbag? Molly's has quite the selection. That's not all though, they have shoes/boots, some fall items already for those back to school days, and great business attire. If you have a senior in high school they may need a nice blazer for their senior project presentation. You never know what you will find!

Style Encore: This is my mom's go to. She takes everything here and even shops here. It's great for Jeans, school appropriate blouses, shoes and even a new handbag for your teen! Their selection of sundresses are amazing right now.

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