Well this is definitely interesting, and something you don't hear everyday.  Three Welsh tourists were enjoying a trip to Australia and they consumed a few too many adult beverages (if ya know what I mean!) This was not your average, "oh my friends and I went out and drank and did something stupid but woke up with a hangover and life goes on" no, these three highly intelligent individuals decided it was a good idea to break into Sea World, swim with the dolphins, and steal a penguin.  I'm not sure about you,but when I drink stealing penguins is not at the top of my "to-do" list.  Oh and the best part?  They don't remember stealing the penguin so they just woke up with a fairy penguin named Dirk in their hotel room, and had no idea how he got there.  I mean at least it's safer than a tiger.

After shooting some video of the poor guy, they released him into a nearby canal because they were "scared" luckily police found Dirk and he was not injured, but was in distress.  Luckily Dirk is back home and safe in the confines of Sea World. The three guys have apologized for the trouble they've caused, but are now facing charges of trespassing, stealing, and unlawfully keeping a protected animal.  Check out the video of Dirk below (Who by the way is adorable!) If you could keep any animal for one night (assuming it won't kill you) what animal would you choose?  I'd choose a manatee because they're adorable, and fat.  I'd have to have a giant pool, but hey we could work this out.