Sometimes you see something one way and you can't get that vision out of your head. even if someone tries to explain it to you or prove to you that it's not what you think, it's a  visual definition that your brain has formed that can not be denied.

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First off, I have to admit that I hardly every read your status on Facebook or Instagram. I know, I'm sorry, I know you thought long and hard about what you were going to say and the witty hashtags to go with your clever words. I do the very same thing. But, I am a quick scroller who is a very visual person. I will hear the crap out of your photos, but will fly right by your status.

What I Saw

With that said, I will stop, click on a photo and zoom in. examine the photo more closely to figure out what the heck you just posted. This was one of those cases. I saw something that stuck me as odd and a bit creepy. What in the world was this creature in my friend's backyard? Even though she didn't seemed alarmed by her lovely snowy backyard photo. I was.

Not Today Satan

To me, it looked like something crawling out of a well in the movie, The Ring. You know, the kind of horrifying creature that moves in fast and slow motion, all the while crawling all over the ceiling, walls and down the hall. That kind of creature.

If Not A Demon, Bigfoot?

Ok, if it wasn't a demon from the depths of Hell, Bigfoot was in her backyard. Right? Right! Obviously, if it was Bigfoot, he isn't nearly as big as we have always though he was. Looks like he might be around 5'6 or 5'10 at best.

Ok, Time To Read the Status

After reading the status, which I should have done in the beginning of my investigation, I realized it was her big ole crazy and lovable dog, Koda. Like most dogs do, in their own backyard, Koda was just sniffing around the backyard with his tail in the air looking at her taking a photo pf Koda going potty.

Oh Koda

If you look closely, you can kinda see it. it's sort of an optical illusion. What looks like the head of a demon or Bigfoot, is actually his tail sticking up. His head is down and sniffing on the ground.

So, I'm just going to say, I've seen photos of Koda and every photo seems to have demon eyes. They glow in almost every pic. I'm just saying.

I'm also saying, I still see a demon creature, from The Ring, in the photo. I'm sorry, I just can't see it any other way. Sorry, Koda, you demon dog. ;-)



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