I'm pretty sure it's not so much a secret anymore, that I am a lover of all things boy band.  I'm so thankful (get it! Cause tomorrow is Thanksgiving!) Anyways I'm so thankful for bands like One Direction and The Wanted, because they're bringing the boy bands back.  These two guys created the ultimate boy band mashup all the classics as well as the new guys!

I grew up in the 90's so of course I was really into the 90's pop. Like let's be real here, the Backstreet Boys, OTown, Nsync, Hanson, LFO, New Kids on the Block, and so many more I haven't even mentioned were where it's at! How can you not love bands like that?  But then again this is coming from Backstreet Boy's number one fan! True story.  when I was a kid I had it all planned out, my best friend Erin was marrying Nick Carter, and  was going to marry Brian Luttrell.  As you can tell that's EXACTLY how things turned out! haha and eventually my love of BSB turned into a love of rock n' roll, and Johnny Depp...I kind of did a total 180 when I got into high school!

Anyways though, I can't even lie I still totally love Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and all of the other 90's boy bands.  You'll still catch me in  my car jamming out to them.  It happens to the best of us.I love listening to the 90's music because it's like a trip down memory lane.  Plus it's totally awesome when you have forgotten about a song that you used to love, and it comes up in a medley like this and BAM it's like you found brand new music again.

Alright enough 90's talk, here's the video of two guys who do a great job and make an awesome boy band medley

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