Southern Women have a reputation for all things sassy, straight to the point, and as sweet as a fresh out the oven pecan pie.  A University of Kentucky student has gone viral on TikTok with his spot-on southern women impressions and we are here for it.

Davis McIntire is so in tune with southern women it's scary.  He told me he was sitting in class in February 2020 right before the pandemic hit thinking how do I get famous quick?  His friend suggested TikTok and he wasn't sure he could do something so public.  Low and behold he jumped and when he woke up the next morning his first video had 16,000 views.


Davis impersonates southern women in all aspects of life.  The best is the southern sayin's.  I have two friends Erinn Williams and Jean Ann Stanley and I think the two of them are about as close to pure southern as you can get.  These videos remind me of them.


You know every single momma on here can relate to the third-degree conversation you have with your child when you've got a call from school and you pick them up and they have no recollection of getting in trouble.  LIARS.

Please do yourself a favor and go to the comment section of the Easter video.  You will thank me later!

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His first character Dixie Jewell had a great run for the first year and a half.  Davis noticed views going down and thought I need something fresh.  Cue EDWINA!

If you have a child that goes to a southern school you know Edwina.  She's the front office secretary and she is as sweet and talkative as they come.  SHE'S MY FAVORITE and I want Edwina to be my BFF.

Edwina has gotten Davis to about 640,000 TikTok viewers.  He has been focusing on school and his career but hopes to go into the entertainment industry and for the benefit of all of the rest of us, we sure hope he does.



This is the best news EVER.  Davis is also on Cameo and can do personal greetings.


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