First I wanna thank everyone who took the time to take the quiz and put your knowlege of me to the test. I must say I am surprised at the results. Over 50% of you selected the "I have two college degrees" as the lie. I hope that doesn't mean that you don't think I'm smart enough! THAT statement is actually true so nah, nahnee nah nah!

The statement "I have FOUR children, all boys" is ALSO true. And NO I don't have any other children out there so stop with the jokey-jokes! (I heard that Big Boy!) So I guess that leave only one choice left that could possibly be the lie.

No, I do NOT like scary movie! Only 33% of you got that one right. Ever since I was a kid, scary movies have always given me nightmare. I tend to dream about what ever the last thing I watched was, so I try to avoid those.

Thanks to everyone who to took the quiz and keep checking back for more fun stuff!

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