Apollo High School put in a brand new Football Stadium this year and apparently word has gotten around.  Duane Richeson of Owensboro spotted two bald eagles visiting the grounds this morning.

Not exactly sure what these guys or gals were doing on the field maybe they came to check out the new stadium, maybe they love football, or maybe they were breaking out from eagle quarantine.

They could be just marking their territory since Apollo's famed mascot is the Apollo Eagle.

Kentucky has two types of eagles; Bald & Golden.  Right now in Kentucky, the Bald Eagle population is on the rise.   Thankfully, they have been taken off the endangered list for now.

Here’s a list of interesting facts about eagles, thanks to U.S. Fish and Wildlife:

  • The bald eagle is truly an all-American bird; it is the only eagle unique to North America.
  • Nests are sometimes used year after year and can weigh as much as 4,000 pounds.
    Bald eagles may live 30 years in the wild (even longer in captivity).
  • Bald eagles pair for life, but if one dies, the survivor will accept a new mate.
  • In hot climates, like Louisiana and Florida, bald eagles nest during winter.
  • Bald eagles get their distinctive white head and tail only after they reach maturity at 4 to 5 years of age.

There is a saying for anyone who has ever attended Apollo "Always An Eagle Family" looks like we have added two new members.

Eagles at Apollo High School Football Stadium

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