One of the internet's most bizarre accounts is being ruined.

An Arby's Restaurant In Dawsonville, Georgia
Getty Images for Arby's

If you enjoy dark humor that is paired with a fast-food chain, you'll be acutely aware of the Twitter account Nihilist Arby's.  They would often say depressing and nihilistic things with a reminder to "Eat Arby's" at the end.

I would share some of the tweets that the account has made in the past, but sadly, hackers gained control of the account sometime in the past few days, started tweeting terribly unfunny things (that also didn't fit the format of the account), and have, as of an hour ago, completely removed the account from Twitter.

The creator of the account, Brendan Kelly, has been giving updates about the situation on Twitter (NSFW):

Some people accused actual Arby's of getting into the account, which Arby's was quick to refute:

So we can count out Arby's as the culprit. Sadly, the account is now, for at least the time being, gone.

This is sad day because Nihilist Arby's was one of the most creative things on the internet. I regularly laughed at what they posted and often shared it with my friends. It's such a dumb concept that he took to genius levels.

Hopefully, Twitter will rectify the situation soon and we can go back to living out pointless lives that end in death. Eat Arby's.

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