For anyone looking to get to Henderson from Evansville, or vice-versa, the "Kentucky Ohio River Bridges", as the Indiana Department of Transportation refers to them, or the "Twin Bridges" as those of us who live here call them, is the quickest and most practical way to do so. Beginning in the Spring of 2017, that will still be the case, it just may take slightly longer to get across thanks to a joint effort between the Indiana and Kentucky Transportation Departments.

The $25 million "Fix for 41" project will take place in three phases over the course of nearly two and a half years, according to the Indiana Department of Transportation. The first phase is scheduled to begin the Spring of next year and will consist of repaving the southbound bridge into Henderson which will require shifting southbound traffic onto the northbound bridge. The project is expected to take 120 days.

The Twin Bridges aren't the only bridges along that stretch of Highway 41 that will be getting a face lift. The Eagle Creek Bridges just south of the I-69 and Highway 41 interchange before Kentucky Avenue merges with Highway 41, as well as the Ohio River Overflow Bridges before the intersection with Waterworks Road, and the Cheatam Slough Bridges just before the weigh station will also have work done over the course of the project.

The current speed limit of 55 miles per hour will be reduced to 35 miles per hour during the entire duration of the project.

For more information on the entire project, visit the Indiana Department of Transportation's information page.

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