Exciting and impressive news to share with you.  Twelve students in the Daviess County Public School System have been selected for the 2020 Governor's Scholars Program.  Another student has been selected for participation in the Governor's School for Entrepreneurs. Meet them!

Congratulations to these fine young men and women from Daviess County and Apollo High Schools.  The Governor's Scholars Program is a 5-week residential summer program available to students completing their junior year of high school.  However, this year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, plans for the "residential" part of the program are subject to change and to be determined.

As for Isabella, who has earned her way into the Governor's School for Entrepreneurs, her program is a three-week program that works with students to create viable business models for their products and services.  Plans for the program are currently being evaluated as well with relation to the ongoing battle against coronavirus.

All that said, there's simply doubt about the fact that these thirteen students are fully realizing their potential during their high school careers.  And we're thrilled to share their honors with you and celebrate them here at WBKR and WBKR.com!

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